Teamwork module online

This online training is available in English only

This training module is now available online. It is designed for use by groups, and has only limited application for individuals. A group size of at least 8 is recommended, but a group of 25 will give a far better representation of the personality types that are explored.

The teaching is structured to include:
– Short video clips of 10 – 15 minutes
– A manual for participants to follow the complete process
– A profiling instrument* which gives a high level of information
– Worksheets for groups to use
– The possibility of connecting with the trainer for group and individual tutoring

It will require about 12 hours to work through this module, which gives adequate time for group exercises and interaction.

The instructor
Paul Marsh has been working with personality profiles in different contexts for over 20 years. He brings context, analysis and practical application that will have an effect on every participant.

Access to the material is authorised by password. Please send an email with your request and group size. The introductory video is included at the bottom of this section.

The full course is offered for €13 per participant, which includes the cost of the workbook and the personality profiling instrument.

If the group requests interaction with the trainer (this is very helpful, especially in the interpretation of the profile) this is charged at €100 / h and is conducted via Zoom.

  • This training is based on a DISC personality analysis. The profiling instrument has been adapted to display helpful information concerning stress reactions, self-perception, and self-adaptive perceptions. The worksheets and group times are specifically targeting the capacity to understand the way others are different, and to explore methods of adaptation. Conflict management is also discussed from a personality perspective.

A full day workshop with the trainer
It is possible to consider doing a full day group workshop with the trainer*, instead of using the video content. This has the advantage that the trainer takes the responsibility for the structure of the day, and is permanently available to interact with the participants as they work through the material.

*If the trainer is within a reasonable distance of your location.

Please send an email for more information.

Introductory video